• Anthropology
  • Self-Driving RVs, Not Cars, Will Bring About the True Paradigm Shift

    There is no end to the list of questions—some of immediate concern, others exclusively the province of science fiction—we humans would like answered about the always-just-around-the-corner-but-never-quite-here technology of artificial intelligence. Will robots replace the working class? Will we wake up one day and find ourselves prisoners of The Matrix? Will realistic robots replace human relationships? […]

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Do We Live In the Matrix?

    Elon Musk recently added his voice to a discussion about the likelihood that humanity is no longer residing in the world as we know it, but is instead housed within a simulation maintained, presumably, by an extremely advanced artificial intelligence. The rationale for this position has some merit, at least on the surface, and goes as […]